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311, 2017

The As-Suffa Outreach team attended the Sheffex

The As-Suffa Outreach team attended the Sheffex : Sheffield's Business Expo yesterday. It was a well organised event attended by many business' from around the country! #SheffExpo #BusinessNetworking

2410, 2017

Quiz : Scholars of Islam

Scholars of Islam | Level: Difficult!| Prize: 2 tickets to 'A day with Shaytaan' course - Please send all answers to newsletter@as-suffa.org Which present-day country was Imam Bukhari born in? Iran Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Azerbaijan Which

2410, 2017

Turning pages

My mind is a library Book after book after book There's a few dusty, untouched Maybe they're worth opening   Incoming A flood of emotions Drenching those pages Those pages I dared never to revisit

2410, 2017

Seeking strength & resolve

We unjustly tend to overlook the contextual beauty of the Qur'an Immensely. Taking into account when certain Aayaat ('verses') were revealed during the lifetime of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) gives new

2410, 2017

Selective Sympathy

The horrors afflicting our brothers and sisters across the world, such as the Rohingya, the Syrians, the Yemenis, and others, are no secret to the users of social media. Although worthy coverage is not given

2410, 2017

As-Suffa Food Bank | Our First Year

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah Azzawajjal the As-Suffa Food Bank Project has reached its first year this month and we pray there are many more years to come insha’Allah! The As-Suffa Food Bank Project

2310, 2017

Sheffield team 10K run

Great effort by the Sheffield team!!! Alhamdulillah, all the brothers finished the Sheffield 10K successfully! Pictures below show some brothers before and after the race. All this was

2310, 2017

#LIFESAVERS training in association with #BIMA

Mashaallah really good turnout for our As-Suffa #LIFESAVERS training in association with #BIMA. Don't miss our next seminar taking place on the 21st of October. As-Suffa Institute