The Birmingham Conversations – Artwork

The Birmingham Conversations – Artwork

The Church of England – Birmingham organised The Birmingham Conversations last year for all faiths and none to discuss issues affecting our city. The third series of Conversations, ‘Faith in the Public Sphere’, explored to what extent people of faith can, or should, be involved in shaping the life of our city. This year we have been invited to attend the fourth series of Birmingham Conversations titled ‘How do we live at peace in a world of Conflict?’.

The third series was also attended by local artists of different faith backgrounds and have produced an artwork piece to illustrate the project. For the next two weeks this artwork is in As-Suffa Institute, 156 High St, Birmingham, B6 4UX. If you want to have a look please get in touch! The artwork will also be on display on Friday 28th April at 7:30pm at our Community seminar, Safer Streets by Desmond Jaddoo. Please do attend and invite others.

As-Suffa Institute

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