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23 10, 2017

Sheffield team 10K run

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Great effort by the Sheffield team!!! Alhamdulillah, all the brothers finished the Sheffield 10K successfully! Pictures below show some brothers before and after the race. All this was done to raise funds for our Sheffield Homeless Project. Please continue to support us on the link below. www.justgiving.com/nas10k As-Suffa Institute

23 10, 2017

As-Suffa was nominated by TSB as their local charity to sponsor.

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Eventful day this week. As-suffa was nominated by TSB in Saltley as their local charity to sponsor. We were invited to join other local charities from the Birmingham area to raise awareness of all the projects we do. Our volunteer gave a talk about the history of our institute and how we have progressed to get where we are now. Amongst other volunteers from numerous organisations was the Lord Mayor of Birmingham who was pleased to learn of the work that we carry out. We will now be working with TSB in Saltley

26 04, 2017

Roti & Curry Bazaar are celebrating 5 years of the As-Suffa Homeless Project

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Roti & Curry Bazaar (664 Alum Rock Rd, Birmingham B8 3NU) are celebrating 5 years of the As-Suffa Homeless Project by sponsoring the next 2 weeks of feed. They will be providing food to cater for 120 people per day for 8 evenings. So in total they will be feeding approximately 1000 people in 2 weeks! SubhaanAllah, what an amazing gesture. If you want to sponsor the homeless project with a monetary donation or by supplying the food, please get in touch via homeless@as-suffa.org. Remember we operate in 7 cities in the country

3 04, 2017

Leicester Homeless Project – Collection in Tesco

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Tesco Leicester Hamilton Extra Store kindly allocated our Homeless Project team in Leicester to do a collection on 01st April 2017.  Alhamdulillah the volunteers were received well from the diverse community in Leicester, many special comments and compliments as  well as some very generous donations. We collected approximately £1000 worth of Food donations and £746.51.     As-Suffa Institute

20 03, 2017

Raise For Life Appeal has raised over £12,500 for the As-Suffa Homeless Project

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Alhumdulillah Raiseforlife Appeal has raised over £12,500 for the As-Suffa homeless project following the Birmingham Champions Trophy cricket tournament in December 2016. Yesterday we had our cheque presentation evening at the Homeless Project...may Allah swt accept from all those who supported and donated towards this special cause. Ameen As-Suffa Institute

7 02, 2017

Forecast is -2 degrees – Next Shelter open

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Our next Next Shelter will take place this Thursday 09/02 at 8:30pm. The forecast is -2 degrees! May Allah make it easy for the people who have no home and warmth! Ameen Get involved and volunteer even if it's just a couple of hours in the night, induction will be provided upon arrival. [SHARE] Post by As-Suffa Institute