22 12, 2017

#YesToLife School presentation

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Alhamdulillah the As-Suffa Outreach team along with our respected #YesToLife partner Desmond Jaddoo visited Jewellery Quarter Academy in Birmingham to deliver a presentation about gun and knife crime. It was an eye opener of an experience, and hopefully the students in Years 9 and 10 walked away knowing to stay away from the ills of our society! If anyone would like us to come in to their School and deliver the presentation please email As-Suffa Institute

22 12, 2017

The 2nd Annual Interfaith Food Outreach was a huge success.

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The 2nd Annual Interfaith Food Outreach was a huge success. The event saw 3 Faiths coming together on 17th November 2017 to feed the needy during the Interfaith Week 2017. A total of 65 people were fed with fresh hot meals and hot drinks with delicious cake desserts. Apart from food beings served, the faiths also donated Food Items for the As Suffa Food Bank. Due to the success of this 2nd Interfaith Food Outreach event, the 3 faiths agreed to have more of these events outside the Interfaith Week and will now

26 04, 2017

The Birmingham Conversations – Artwork

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The Church of England - Birmingham organised The Birmingham Conversations last year for all faiths and none to discuss issues affecting our city. The third series of Conversations, 'Faith in the Public Sphere', explored to what extent people of faith can, or should, be involved in shaping the life of our city. This year we have been invited to attend the fourth series of Birmingham Conversations titled 'How do we live at peace in a world of Conflict?’. The third series was also attended by local artists of different faith backgrounds and have

23 03, 2017

On the morning of tragic attack in Westminster, London, St Johns, Perry Barr Church visit As-Suffa Institute

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The very same morning of the tragic attack in Westminster, London St Johns, Perry Barr Church had requested a visit to As-Suffa Institute to learn about the work we do.  As-Suffa Institute has been working with many faith and non-faith organisations in the community and we welcomed the opportunity to meet another local church community. Keeping in mind the misconceptions and misinformation circling around the traditional media and social media, our guests also saw it as an opportunity to gain a better understanding of Islam. The congregation enjoyed meeting with As-Suffa Institute scholars, students

8 02, 2017

Emotional “Peace Walk” along scene stabbing and murder

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The peace walk was emotional this Saturday. We walked together on Rookery Rd in Handsworth where the recent stabbing took place on the bus. Unfortunately Leon Hazle lost his life as a result of the incident. We were also joined by Gary Younge from The Guardian who is working on a piece looking at all the victims of Gun/Knife Crime over the years. Why don't you join us next month to say: #notogunsandknives #yestolife Post by As-Suffa Institute