24 05, 2017

Food For Thought

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Food For Thought - A Roundtable discussion on the impact of our eating habits As a society, our health has quickly become dominated by the poor quality and quantity of food and drink we consume, So much so that health organisations have labelled Britain as "The Fat Man of Europe". We discuss the impact of this and how we can begin to address our own habits on a personal and societal level to instill some change. Join As-Suffa Outreach for this unique series of seminars. See Poster for Details! As-Suffa Institute

26 04, 2017

Roti & Curry Bazaar are celebrating 5 years of the As-Suffa Homeless Project

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Roti & Curry Bazaar (664 Alum Rock Rd, Birmingham B8 3NU) are celebrating 5 years of the As-Suffa Homeless Project by sponsoring the next 2 weeks of feed. They will be providing food to cater for 120 people per day for 8 evenings. So in total they will be feeding approximately 1000 people in 2 weeks! SubhaanAllah, what an amazing gesture. If you want to sponsor the homeless project with a monetary donation or by supplying the food, please get in touch via homeless@as-suffa.org. Remember we operate in 7 cities in the country

26 04, 2017

The Birmingham Conversations – Artwork

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The Church of England - Birmingham organised The Birmingham Conversations last year for all faiths and none to discuss issues affecting our city. The third series of Conversations, 'Faith in the Public Sphere', explored to what extent people of faith can, or should, be involved in shaping the life of our city. This year we have been invited to attend the fourth series of Birmingham Conversations titled 'How do we live at peace in a world of Conflict?’. The third series was also attended by local artists of different faith backgrounds and have

13 04, 2017

Domestic Violence Awareness week 2017

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As-Suffa Outreach have been working closely with Nour - Domestic Violence to establish a counselling service for domestic violence victims in Birmingham. This week is Domestic Violence Awareness week and tomorrow Mufti Liaquat Zaman will be covering this topic in a Facebook Live session at 7pm. He will inshaaAllah speak about the effects of physical abuse but more so mental abuse and the things that can come under mental abuse. He will also shed light on the Islamic rulings of oppressing your spouse and much more! Join us tomorrow on the As-Suffa or

3 04, 2017

Leicester Homeless Project – Collection in Tesco

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Tesco Leicester Hamilton Extra Store kindly allocated our Homeless Project team in Leicester to do a collection on 01st April 2017.  Alhamdulillah the volunteers were received well from the diverse community in Leicester, many special comments and compliments as  well as some very generous donations. We collected approximately £1000 worth of Food donations and £746.51.     As-Suffa Institute