22 12, 2017

Another loss of life due to the cold

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Another loss of life in the city due to the cold weather. We ran our sub zero project the night before this tragedy occurred. Our volunteers went in search of any rough sleepers and encouraged a lot of the rough sleepers to come inside for some warmth, food and hospitality. Some came in and others chose not to. Ideally we want to run our project every day, especially during the Winter months. We can only do this with your support and help. 2 ways to help: Please volunteer by emailing subzero@as-suffa.org Please donate

23 03, 2017

On the morning of tragic attack in Westminster, London, St Johns, Perry Barr Church visit As-Suffa Institute

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The very same morning of the tragic attack in Westminster, London St Johns, Perry Barr Church had requested a visit to As-Suffa Institute to learn about the work we do.  As-Suffa Institute has been working with many faith and non-faith organisations in the community and we welcomed the opportunity to meet another local church community. Keeping in mind the misconceptions and misinformation circling around the traditional media and social media, our guests also saw it as an opportunity to gain a better understanding of Islam. The congregation enjoyed meeting with As-Suffa Institute scholars, students

10 01, 2017

As-Suffa Outreach teamed – helping flooding victims in Dec 2015

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Just over a year ago As-Suffa Outreach teamed up with other local organisations to help the people of York and Cumbria during the devastating floods. Here's a look at some of what we did and the situation they were in. https://youtu.be/jcayNcLo0n0 Must watch Muslim organisations Abrahamic Foundation and As Suffa from Birmingham with Hafs Academy of London team up to help victims of York floods. Post by As-Suffa Institute

16 12, 2016

The number of rough sleepers in Birmingham has increased dramatically.

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The number of rough sleepers in Birmingham has increased dramatically. Last night volunteers walked the streets of Birmingham, it was part of a week of reflecting on As Suffa Homeless Outreach which is now 5 years old. Volunteers retraced the route they took five years ago to reflect on what they had learned and to see how many people were still sleeping rough. We expected to see a few, but not as many as we did. We thought the lessons of Chiriac's sad demise would have galvanised more work- and we're sure it has but it's

6 01, 2016

When does one truly express Gratitude?

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When does one truly express Gratitude? It is when you get something you didn't deserve. Now remember, this is really important, it is when you get something you didn't deserve! In order for us to be grateful we need to internalise it and remember it everyday and every moment. What we have, the clothes we're wearing, the devices we are so proud of, the cars we are driving, the homes that we have, the workplace we go to, the food that we eat, is actually something we don't deserve. This has all been given to us,

25 11, 2015

A little collective poem by As-Suffa Youth Club kids

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2014-11-15 09:19:39 A Little Poem Thought Up By As-Suffa Youth Club kids! Jannah is earned by the pious people, Who have worked hard in the Dunya, You'll live in a life of happiness, With no more wars and crisis, Whatever you wish for will come true, And you'll never need to go to the loo, Rivers of honey, milk and wine, There's no deadline so you'll have lots of free time, So lets all work hard and earn this live in Heaven, And when we have it we will be partying 24/7