Quiz : Scholars of Islam

Quiz : Scholars of Islam

Scholars of Islam | Level: Difficult!| Prize: 2 tickets to ‘A day with Shaytaan’ course – Please send all answers to newsletter@as-suffa.org

  1. Which present-day country was Imam Bukhari born in?
    • Iran
    • Kazakhstan
    • Uzbekistan
    • Azerbaijan
  2. Which of these scholars was a non-Arab?
    • Imam Muslim
    • Imam Tirmidhi
    • Imam Abu Dawud
    • All of the above were non-Arab
    • All of the above were Arab
  3. In which century was Imam Ghazali born?
    • 3rd century Hijri
    • 5th century Hijri
    • 11th century Hijri
  4. What was Imam Nawawi’s first name?
    • Yahya
    • Zakariyya
    • Muhammad
    • Eesa
  5. Which of these was a student of Imam Malik?
    • Ibn Abbas
    • Imam Shafi
    • Imam Abu Hanifah


Dhu al Qa’dah edition Questions/Answers:

  1. Where was the first Surah revealed?

Answer: In Makkah

  1. Which relative of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been mentioned by name in the Quran? What was their relationship to the Prophet (saw)?

Answer: Abu Lahab who was the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) paternal uncle.

  1. Which Prophet has been mentioned in the Qur’an whose three generations were also prophets?

Answer: Ibraheem (AS)

  1. Which Surah is considered as the ‘Heart of the Quran’?

Answer: Surah Yaseen

  1. ‘Bani Israeel’ is mentioned numerous times in the Quran. Whose generation were these people part of?

Answer: The generation of Prophet Yaqoob (peace be upon him)

  1. Which companion/Sahabah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) has been mentioned in the Quran?

Answer: Zaid Bin Harith (RA)

  1. How many Surahs in the Quran have the titles named after different Prophets? And which ones are they?

Answer: 6 Surahs:

  1. Surah Yunus
  2. Surah Hud
  3. Surah Yusuf
  4. Surah Ibrahim
  5. Surah Nuh
  6. Surah Muhammad

7. How many Angels have been mentioned in the Quran? And what are their names?

Answer: 5 Angels:

  1. Jibraeel (AS)
  2. Meekaeel (AS)
  3. Haroot (AS)
  4. Maroot (AS)
  5. Maalik (AS)

8. How many Surahs begin with ‘Alif Laam Meem’ and what are they?

Answer – There are 6:

  1. Surah Al-Baqarah
  2. Surah aal-e-Imran
  3. Surah Al-Ankabut
  4. Surah Ar-Rum
  5. Surah Luqman
  6. Surah As-Sajdah

9. How many Prophets by name have been mentioned in the Quran?

Answer: 25

  1. Who was the only woman who has been mentioned in the Quran by her name?

Answer: Maryam (AS)

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